Don’t let the hard work of building your assets vanish in the probate court system before they get to your loved ones. Doing your homework BEFORE doing your estate planning means the difference between a plan that works efficiently and a plan that benefits probate attorneys.”

What You’ll Discover In This Report

You’ll get everything you need to make an educated, informed decision about planning your estate, and when you should seek professional help.

The Most Important Tips

  • How to spot “Trust Mill” scams trying to sell you the products you don’t need.
  • Why using canned on-line forms can have serious, unintended consequences for your estate.
  • How to avoid having your assets tied up in probate.
  • How to choose an experienced Estate Planning attorney – and how to spot generalists who might not design a solid plan.

Hundreds of people have turned to Jeffrey G. Marsocci for guidance on their family’s estate.

About the Attorney

Jeffrey G. Marsocci
Attorney at Law

My name is Jeffrey G Marsocci and I’ve been helping families plan their estates for more than 19 years.

I’m offering this free Report because not everyone needs an estate planning attorney – but whether or not you do, you should know what to look for and what to watch out for.

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What They’re Saying…

“With my mother’s accident and succeeding critical and long term care, I needed help getting her legal affairs in order. Jeff and his staff made a tough, emotional time much easier. Now that Mom has passed on, I can see we avoided a lot of traps, and settling her affairs will be quick and inexpensive. I definitely recommend Jeff and his office for life and estate planning work.”
Mike S., Raleigh


“Jeff stepped up to the occasion providing estate planning services and legal counsel to a good friend of mine and his family during a sensitive time. Jeff’s professionalism and prompt service truly made a world of difference and I can only imagine the amount of time and money that he was able to save them, an invaluable service.”
Brian W., Durham


“Jeff was very thorough. He explained things in a language we could understand. It takes a lot for Debra to trust anyone and she trusts Jeff 100%. He’s patient and takes his time.”
Art & Debra S., Cary


“Jeff had thoughtful, knowledgeable answers to all the concerns we brought up. He was just so calm, so steady, so patient. Our lives are so wobbly and difficult with all that is going on with us, and it really felt good to have someone who knows the whole situation and can be supportive, not just in saying words like some people do, but in helping us through some important things that we need to work out.”
Berta H., Raleigh

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We begin our relationship with an Estate Strategy Session. This way, we make sure that any estate plan you have made meets your family’s goals. After this session, you can choose to have the plan created by our firm, or any other competent attorney.

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About the Author

Jeffrey Marsocci Estate Planning Attorney RaleighEstate Planning doesn’t need to be as complicated as some attorneys make it out to be. We speak and work in Plain English.

We begin our relationship with an Estate Strategy Session. This way we make sure that your desires and goals are reached. After this session, you can choose to have a plan created by our firm or choose any other competent attorney to do so.

As a special offer for people who request our Report, we’ll waive the $750 session fee. Just request your copy of the report, fill out a simple questionnaire and you can have your Estate Strategy Session without charge.

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